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Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji is located in the Yasawas islands, is surrounded by warm crystal clear water and lush coral garedens offering the best snorkelling in Fiji.

Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji is located on Drawaqa Island, part of the Yasawa archipelago group of islands


Drawaqa Island is owned by the inhabitants of Mua-ira Village located on the nearby island of Naviti. Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji is a proud partnership with the people of Mua-ira Village with many of our staff from the village.

About Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji

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How to describe Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji?

If you seek an authentic tropical Fijian island experience complete with affordable Fiji island resort beachfront accommodation and the warm, generous hospitality Fiji is globally renowned for, Barefoot Mana Island Resort Fiji is for you. 

There are only 21 rooms at Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji with 3 beaches to choose from, an abundance of coconut palms, walking tracks, a coastline to explore, lush coral reef gardens offering the best snorkelling in Fiji and unforgettable snorkelling with Fiji Manta Rays experience. Finding your personal space in South Pacific paradise is easy at Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji.         

Dining is a la carte & buffet, it's a meal plan format payable for each day booked on the island. Wifi, use of snorkelling equipment, kayaks, stand up paddleboards and daily scheduled activities are included during your stay.

It's not a 5-star resort but more a 5 star Robinson Crusoe experience. If you were going be to shipwrecked, this is where you'd want to land.

A Barefoot Manta Island Resort houseguest relaxing in a beachfront hammock shaded by coconut palms with inviting aqua blue water lapping on the beach.

Where are we?

Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji is located on Drawaqua Island part of the Yasawa group of islands. The Yasawa Islands are volcanic in origin and characterised by stunning mountainous peaks up to 600m in height. 

The further west you travel in Fiji the dryer it becomes, the Yasawas has the lowest annual rainfall in Fiji.

Yasawas Winter average max 26c, average min 25c

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Yasawas Summer average max 28c, average min 27c

Barefoot Manta Island Fiji is located in the Yasawa Islands, an archipelago stretching for 80 in northwest Fiji.

Located in northwest Fiji the Yasawa Islands consist of six main islands and numerous smaller islands. The archipelago stretches for more than 80 km and is 78km from Nadi.  

The Yasawas
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