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 Fiji Marine Conservation


Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji is the only resort in Fiji with a dedicated Marine Conservation Centre. It is managed by our in-house Marine Biologist Rob MacFarlane. Rob is extremely passionate about conservation and Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji's ongoing conservation programme, see Rob's video.

Marine Conservation Centre


Since the inception of Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji over 4000 square metres of coral has been planted by the Marine Conservation Centre. The centre's conservation programme extends to it's resident Fiji Manta Ray population, it's an ongoing contributor to the Manta Ray Trust, a global organisation dedicated to research and the conservation of Fiji Manta Rays. 

The Marine Conservation Centre is open to houseguests where a free scheduled presentation is made daily, all welcome. Houseguests wanting to actively participate in Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji's ongoing conservation programme can join a Marine Biology Tour including a guided snorkel or even take a Conservation Dive.


Conservation programmes are also available for University & School Groups, contact us.

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