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Tropical Goby camouflaged and resting on gorgonian sea fan, location Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji.
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Fiji Diving


There are over 40 dives sites surrounding Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji featuring swim-throughs, caves, coral gardens, pinnacles, walls with the resort operating wreck & night dives too.

Beginner Divers

Try diving for the first time, take an Introductory Dive (no certification required) or complete a certified dive course (takes 3 or 4 days).

Houseguests at Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji experiencing an introductory dive, no previous dive experience required.

Initial training is provided in the shallow, crystal clear waters surrounding the resort before moving out to our coral gardens. You'll feel confident and safe before inhailing your first breath underwater with our qualified instructors. 

Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji houseguest diving, getting up close and personal with Clown Fish and their anemone home.

Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji's dive operation is an official SSI (Scuba Schools International) member. We recognise PADI certification with PADI certification contributing towards SSI Advanced Adventurer and SSI

Advance Open Water rating courses.


Certified Divers

There are over 4o dive sites surrounding Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji including 2 wreck dives.


Already certified?  

Our SSI Advanced Adventurer course will expose you to a variety of diving to increase your confidence and skill level. You will be taught techniques for underwater navigation, night diving and deep diving, as well as choosing optional specialties such as drift diving, digital photography, boat diving and more.

Description:  This site is a sloping wall that drops from 3m to 18m (in some parts, it also goes as deep as 30m). There are some lovely gorgonian fans, pulsing shoals of anthias and fusiliers, and good chances to see turtles and white tip reef sharks. Rarer species sporadically seen here are blue marlin and grey reef sharks.

Stunning gorgonian sea fan and soft corals Fiji is renown enncoutered when diving from Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji.

Name: Garden of Eden

Distance: 15min boat ride

Max Depth: 18m; 24m

Fiji diving sites accessible from Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji, here are 4 of over 40 sites

In February of 2016, two Chinese longline fishing vessels were sitting in Suva harbour waiting to be demolished and turned into scrap and debris. What better way to recycle fishing vessels than to turn them into artificial reefs? The longliners were brought to the Naviti Island region in the Yasawas where they were scuttled.

One of the ships, named Glory, sits just a 10-minute boat ride south of Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji with a maximum depth of 24m, while the other ship, named Navigator, sits 10 minutes to the west of Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji at a maximum depth of 32 m. Since the sinking in 2016, both fish and coral life have been calling these ships home.

While the Navigator shipwreck is more for the advanced diver (or divers doing their advanced course) because of the depth, Glory shipwreck is suitable for all levels of diving and divers.

Fiji Wreck Dives

Barefoot Manta Island Resort Fiji housesguest diving on the wreck Glory meeting a local wreck resident Batfish.
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